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Serving international investors since 2001, Bennet Global has been offering global trade execution and portfolio management services to a very diverse client base. We combine our vast knowledge of the markets with a highly experienced team of investment specialists who are dedicated to bringing the best service to our clients. We have pioneered the practice of providing exceptional results with an affordable commission structure. Today we have become one of the leading Asian stockbroking firms with our research and analysis at the heart of everything we do. We are a full service brokerage house based in Hong-Kong that creates tailor made portfolios for each individual. We assist companies and institutional investors satisfy their portfolio management needs. Because our focus is purely on the clients as individuals, we know our service is the best. You know exactly what you want, and we help you achieve that.

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Since 2001 Bennet global has provided high quality trading, analytical and research solutions to personal traders and institutions alike. As an independent brokerage firm based in Hong-Kong we provide our clients with unbiased and personalized advise that is suited...

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Institutional Trading

Bennet Global has a very well trained and experienced department of individuals with backgrounds solely focused on institutional trading. The team of highly motivated, experienced and skilled institutional traders provide our clients with focused advise that is suited to their business.

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Through Bennet Global’s in depth analysis of industries, companies, financial markets, and world economies, we have become one of the worlds leaders in the investment research field. Bennet Global’s investment research has fast become one of the most revered financial...