Since 2001, Bennet global has provided the highest quality trading strategies, backed with industry leading analytical research, which delivers the solutions our personal and institutional clients deserve. As an independent ‘Full Service’ brokerage, we provide our clients with unbiased and personalized advice that is suited to their financial needs and goals.

Execution services

Customer Satisfaction is at the heart of our trading, we work alongside our clients with one goal in mind; achieving the best results for you. We focus solely on creating and executing strategies that align with your financial goals, not ours. Our team of highly motivated portfolio managers deliver you with the information required to make informed decisions regarding your investments. Our execution, performed in a timely and accurate manner ensures that we deliver results that outperform your expectations. When working with Bennet Global you will finally understand the importance of our approach, the personal human touch and customized solutions that make all the difference. Our expertise within the financial markets are second to none, this coupled with our client services team make us the clear choice to handle all of your trading needs. Our managers offer global equity, fixed income, derivative and portfolio trading/management services to any person regardless of their initial investment capital.

Global Equity

The technology we use to execute our trades is always the latest available, this ensures that we can act as fast as necessary to maximize returns, we combine this with the personal attention of one of our experienced brokers to make sure that the experience is always personal. Bennet’s 24/7 global trading desk delivers timely execution and broad choices when it comes to trading coverage. Whether you are investing for yourself or your company, you can be sure you will receive only the best customer service.

Fixed Income

Here at Bennet we have become a pioneer in the trading of fixed income instruments, Bennet is one of the only brokers that continues to provide our clients with research and analysis on eligible fixed income trades.


Depending on your risk tolerance, our team will ensure delivery of the most efficient way to enhance your trading strategies, with options and futures. Our derivatives traders can assist you in creating a customizable strategy that can evolve around your needs, and reduce your risk exposure.

Portfolio Trading

Our portfolio managers have a wealth of experience in implementing coordinated strategies based solely on your financial goals and needs. Taking into account your risk tolerance, our trades utilize the most sophisticated research techniques in order to give you the latest information and investment opportunities that are relevant to you and your portfolio.

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